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Information provided in www.yogainasia.com is solely for educational purposes only and should not and can not be used as a substitute for a consultation or visit with your family physician or other health care provider. Please read this important legal information.

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Yoga In Asia is an organization based in the Asia Pacific devoted to promoting the essence of yoga practices of various traditions.
There are four main areas of our business:

Education Programs
Seminars, workshops and conferences
- We can help yoga business operators
  organize events
- We have the connection with teachers in both
   India & the United State.
Certification programs

Consultation to Yoga Studios
Business Case to start a studio
Generating Revenue
Tactics to fight competition
Retaining Customers

Promotion of Culture
Promotion of various cultural activities associating with yoga practices, such as music, dance and chanting

Yoga Fashion
Yoga lines of fashion wear for both men & women
Yoga props & accessories

If you are interested in any of the above, please contact us. You may also make enquire to Victor Chng @ 9826 0088.
  Founder of Yoga In Asia
Victor has been practising yoga since 1999. His main motivation to teach yoga comes from wanting to bring healing to people in all layers of one's being. Victor met Paul Grilley - the founder of Yin Yoga in December 2004 and has completed a teacher training with Paul in Yin Yoga and Anatomy for Yoga. He continues to study with Paul and also Sarah Powers, having last completed a residential yoga teacher training programme with them in San Francisco in Feb 2007. Victor is greatly indebted to his teachers for giving him permission to teach Yin Yoga and he continues to explore this path with his own intuitive knowledge.

As a Chinese, Victor is highly inspired by the ancient Chinese art of healing such as The Yellow Emperor Sutra, I-Chng, Taosim, Buddhism and Confuciusim. His teaching goes beyond looking at the body as a muscular-skeletal structure. To Victor, it is important to view the body as an embodiment of energies and consciousness. He seeks to open every layer of his being in his practice and imparts the same view to his students. Integrating Yin & Yang energies is what he views as an holistic path to bring oneself back to the centre. Finding the right balance in one's lifestyle that supports every aspect of one's life forms the core of his teaching. Victor is able to simplify and systematically teach students ways to practise effectively and progressively in the journey of yoga. In his teaching, you will find the four pillars of adopting a new perspective in yoga, a new way of engaging the practice, a behavioural change and transformation of consciousness.

Since 2005, Victor has been teaching Yin Yoga successfully all over Asia. He has trained more than 500 teachers in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong and China. Victor is also the founder of www.yogainasia.com. You may contact Victor at +65 98260088 or email info@yogainasia.com.