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Daily Yoga Practice  

Founder of TriYoga® - Yogini Kaliji (Kali Ray)

Kaliji is internationally renowned as a yogini and founder of TriYoga, a complete yoga method that incorporates the full range of timeless, traditional practices. Like the original yoga, TriYoga is guided by Kriyavati siddhi (kundalini-inspired yoga) as expressed through Kaliji since 1980. She has systematized asana (posture), pranayama (breathing practices), and dharana (concentration techniques) from Basics to Level 7, and over 1000 hasta mudras (hand gestures) have flowed through her. Traveling extensively, she has presented 40 keynote addresses at yoga conferences. She was featured in the book Secrets of the World's Inspirational Women, with photos of the women in the prestigious National Portrait Gallery in London. With a natural ability to integrate Eastern tradition and Western culture, she shares TriYoga practices and philosophy in a way that has inspired and transformed countless lives. Inspired by her love of animals, Kaliji has practiced the vegan plant-based lifestyle for over 30 years. TriYoga is taught in 40+ countries by over 1100 certified teachers (220+ in Asia), and 40 centers have been established. www.TriYoga.com
TriYoga Earth Flow
TriYoga Water Flow
TriYoga Fire Flow
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Founder of Bali Yoga - About Ann Barros

Ann Barros is a senior Iyengar yoga instructor with over 30 years teaching experience, including 5 years at UCSC, where she introduced the Iyengar tradition to the Santa Cruz, California community. She has led over 40 successful Yoga In Bali tours. She has led workshops both domestically in California and Colorado, and internationally in Singapore, Jamaica, Greece, Mexico, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, and China, as well as as her beloved Bali, which has become her second home and remains where her heart is always. Ann first studied with BKS Iyengar in India in 1976 who personally guided her into curing her own scoliosis. She is certified by the Iyengar Yoga Institute of S.F. since 1980, and later that year after studying again in India, first came to Bali. After 30 years of teaching, Ann's eyes are well trained. She works currently with chiropractors in the US. The chiropractic patients work individually with Ann during their stabilization phase of recovery from surgery or injury. Ann has many case histories of helping people - help themselves - toward pain-free living and avoidance of surgery in some cases. Ann's teaching approach is compassionate, yet challenging, with emphasis on precise and careful alignment of the joints for the greatest freedom: strength and flexibility, balance in the body, quieting of the mind, and a soaring of the spirit. Her strong dance background and B.A. in dance from U.C.S.C. combined with her love of art, music, yoga and Hinduism has culminated in her creating a wonderfully balanced life-style and tour program. Those who participate in her special Bali Yoga tours and recent Asia Programs develop a solid foundation and understanding of the poses. Ann gratefully acknowledges her teacher, Shri BKS Iyengar. Ann has led successful Yoga in Bali tours continuously since 1985. As of 2006, she now operates her own studio in the Iyengar tradition in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia; and offers teacher training programs and workshops.


Preparation for Handstand & Headstand
Hamstrings & Quadrecips Series
Basic Hip Opening Series
Sun Salutation –Surya Namaskar
Basic Balance Poses Series
Basic Sitting Poses and Twists
Basic Standing Poses – Foundation From the Legs